Over the last couple of years we've used various products to deliver content to you, first it was Plex then/Now it's Emby. And while each is a great product in it's own way they each also cause various issues that we have to work around. Well it's time for something new, we've contacted some of the best programmers we could find and come up with the next big thing in media shares. We're making our own! Yep we are sick and tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars monthly for next to no help and constant issues so we're taking the initiative and creating our own Backend Server and multiplatform player.

Note: we are not making a new plex/emby we are making only a very basic player to start with and we'll add on to it over time but think more along the lines of a iptv app that uses playlists and you'll have what we're working on.

I hope that makes things clearer for everyone as we were a little confusing with our plans.

However big plans cost big bucks so we need to raise some fund, we don't want to just raise prices or ask for donations so we are taking one of our most popular products and offering an amazing deal on it. This plan gives you 3 years of our very popular and extremely stable Nfs Network Share. £594 Value For £300. We will only sell 10 of these and once they are gone they are gone, it's a first come first served so no reserves. Along with access to our current extensive storage ( 3 70tb storage servers ) This plan will grant you EARLY ACCESS TO OUR BRAND NEW 492TB MULTIPLE GIGABIT SERVER. We are opening this up to all our nfs users on Oct 31st but you can get on 1 Week Early!! ( Oct 24th ). That's not all though!! we will also give you access to all beta's of our new player and your name in the credits. Oh did you think we were done? Nope, we will also give you your very own SEEDBOX hosted on our network. 2gb ram, 2TB's of storage, with a 2 gigabit connection and 10tb's Bandwidth ( Active On Oct 24th ) yes you can use it for plex as well. Thank You Aurora Staff

Thursday, October 11, 2018

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